Monday, 1 October 2012


Do you ever find your mind drifting back to those days when you were a kid? Perhaps you have memories connected to the sights and sounds of being raised in the big city. Some of them bring back fond memories and some may even bring back painful ones that  you hold deep inside.

Perhaps you grew up in a small rural town where life was quieter where little things like running to the mailman to get the mail or going to the local grocery store for a treat brought excitement. Do you remember the taste of that creamy Homo milk out of a glass bottle?

For me, growing up on a farm made for many fond memories. During the summer, I was running through the grain fields, burning up the dirt trails on my bicycle, making mud pies or watching the storms come in. In the winter, it was making snow forts and angels in the snow. Whatever I was doing, there was a freedom and an innocence that somehow got lost in my adulthood and in the business of living everyday life.

 I hope you will join me as we adventure together. I will share with you stories of the past, thoughts for today and hopes and dreams for the future. My hope is that together we can return to that innocence in our hearts and experience Gods love, freedom and grace, for this is where the healing begins!

Until tomorrow,
Be Blessed,

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